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SOFTNET IoT Division was inaugrated on 28th September 2013

Home Automation Division comenced its operation out on large by taking over the assets, liabilities and the entire business of IoT.

Its principal activities are Research , Developing and distribution in all kinds of IoT solution and the related devices, sales of IoT devices, providing professional consulting on IoT solution and installation service and etc.

Our Coverage Area

The Global IoT Market

Essentially, IoT is a convergence of smart devices that generates data through sensors to create new information and knowledge to boost human intelligence, productivity and quality of life. IoT is defined as “Intelligent interactivity between human and things to exchange information and knowledge for new value creation”. It is a complex yet complete solution compassing three main technology components, namely connected things with embedded sensors, connectivity and infrastructure, and last but not least, analytics and applications.

For example, factories can place sensors on its machines and equipment to discover early signs of fatigue on the machines or related parts. This way, preventive maintenance can be done on machines just before they break down and cause production downtime.

For government agencies, IoT can be used to prevent dengue outbreak and also to help predict rain patterns and detect floods.


Home Automation is taking home security to the next level, by integrating smart wireless security system to enhances your home security, our systems allow you to control your home safety and security from one single app, anytime, anywhere.
• All our products will integrate each other with one time setting done.
• Access, Control and Secure your home security from your palm via IOS / Android devices.
• Smart wireless security system will notify you or your family members by sending a notification once our systems detect your home or property have any intruders / unwelcome guess.


Home Automation provide smart home automation system to enhance your lifestyle, our system will give you the ability to freely control and optimize your living environment anytime, anywhere.
• Smart home automation system allow you to control lighting, Auto gate, aircon, TV and home appliances.
• The Smart Home Automation Systems able to integrate with Smart Wireless Security under one platform.

SOFTNET Store | Smart Home System Solution

Our Brand Story

Our Company Milestone

The Beginning - 2013

Oct 2013 - Dec 2013

Doing Conventional & Addressable Wired Security System.

The Evolution - 2014

Jan 2014 - June 2014

Evolve to Smart Wireless Security System in 6 months.

The IoT - 2014

Jun 2014 - Dec 2014

Completed burning test on our products. Sourcing other IoT devices into smart home system. Integrate & setting up wireless smart security & smart home automation systems under one platform. Installation and setup at our show office /show room.

The Future - 2015

Jan 2015 - June 2015

Setting up and installing our smart wireless security & smart home automation systems in our respective associate business partner located in the state of Melaka. Working toward on uninterrupted power supply for smart wireless security system.

Until Now

''Excellence is not a skill it's an attitude'' - Our Founder